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 Mazda MEC warranty
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w/ Mazda MEC

   Cylinder Block   Crankshaft   Main Caps   Main Bearings   Pistons and Pins   Piston Rings   Connecting Rods and Caps   Rod Bearings   Cam Shaft(s)   Cam Bearings   Timing/Balance Shaft   Timing Gears   Timing Belt Tensioners and Bearings   Timing Belt Cover   Water Pump and Pulley   Oil Pump Oil Pan   Cylinder Head(s)   Valve Cover/s   Rocker Arms and Adjusting Screws   Rocker Shafts   Rocker Bushings   Intake Valves   Valve Springs   Valve Retainers   Valve Guides and Seals   Pushrods   Lifters   Followers   Engine Mounts   Intake Manifold &nbs; Manifold   Oil Pressure Switch   Serpentine Belt Tensioner    Starter   Alternator   Voltage Regulator   Insight Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery   Front/Rear Windshield Wiper Washer Unit   Power Window Motor and Regulator   Starter Motor   Starter Solenoid   Mileage Computer   Wiring Harnesses   Manually Operated Switches   Electrically Operated Switches   Distributor   Igniter   Ignition Coil   Electronic Combination Entry System   Computerized Timing   Control Unit and Sensors   Sunroof Motor   Power Seat Motors   Antenna Motor and Mast   Power Door   Lock Actuators   Rear Window Defogger   Factory-Installed Anti-Theft System   Horns   Digital or Analog Instrument Cluster   Electrical Motors and Control Units   Seals/Gaskets    Transmission Control Module   Lockup Control   Solenoid   Shift Control Solenoid   Shift Interlock System   Shift Cable   Throttle Pressure Control Cables   Vacuum Modulator   Transmission Case and all internally lubricated parts   Torque Converter   Flexplate   Transmission Mounts   Shift Cables   Flywheel   Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders   Pilot Bearing   Upper and Lower Control Arms   Control Arm Shafts and Bushings   Upper and Lower Ball Joints   Stabilizer Bar, Links and Bushings   Coil Springs   Spindles   Wheel Bearings   MacPherson Strut Assembly   Shock Absorbers   ABS Pump    SRS Control Unit   SRS Cable Reel   Cooling Fan Clutch   Coolant Recovery Tank    Compressor   Compressor Clutch & Pulley   Field Coil   Condenser   Condenser Fan   Evaporator Core   Receiver Drier   Accumulator   Metal Refrigerant Lines   0-Ring Seals   Idler Pulley and Bearing   Temperature Control Unit   Heater Control Cables   NC Blower Motor   Blower Motor Resistor   Heater Core    Carburetor   Throttle Body   Throttle Cable   Fuel Delivery Pump Relay   Fuel Injectors   Fuel Distributor   Fuel-Injection Pump   Anti-Detonation Sensors   Computerized Mixture Control Unit and Sensors   Fuel Tank and Sending Unit   Metal Fuel Delivery Lines   ABS Electronic Control Unit   Cooling Fan Relay   Cooling Fan Timer    Window Regulators   Window Run Channels   Seat Tracks   Door Latch Assembly   Lock Cylinders    BRAKES    ABS Switch   ABS Wheel Sensors   Master Cylinder   Vacuum Assist Booster   Check Valve   Disc Brake Calipers   Wheel Cylinders   Compensating Valve   Hydraulic Brake Hard   Lines & Fittings   Parking Brake   Lever Assembly   Parking Brake   Linkage & Cables   Self Adjusters   Springs   ABS Modulator   Brake Accumulator   Dust Shields   Backing Plates   Radiator   Thermostat & Housing   Coolant Temperature Switch   Radiator Cooling Fan Motor   Cooling Fan Blade   Cooling Fan Shroud   Cooling Fan Switch    Steering Column   Steering Gear Box   Rack & Pinion Housing & all internally lubricated parts   Power Steering Pump & Pulley   Inner/Outer Tie-Rod Ends   Tie-Rod Adjusting Sleeves    Drive Axle System   Drive Lines   Constant Velocity Joints & Boots   Hub Bearings   Axle Bearings   Seals/Gaskets for the above stated parts   Genuine Honda Electronic/Audio Accessories   Factory-Installed Navigational and Security Systems   Rear Differential Systems   Differential Housing

Tires                      Body Parts                          Shocks                Exhaust    Glass                             Maint.                      Airbag               Trim                           Uphol/Carpet                  Battery                  
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Mazda2 MEC Warranty
Mazda3 MEC Warranty
Mazda5 MEC Warranty
Mazda6 MEC Warranty
CX-9 MEC Warranty
CX-5 MEC Warranty
Miata MEC Warranty

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more information about Mazda MECs 30-day Money Back Guarantee installments MEC will refund your money within 30 days under certain terms - Learn More installments
your official

Mazda MEC Warranty

 is backed by Mazda.

MEC(Mazda Extended Confidence) Extended Warranty is Official ...NOT 3rd Party!

  Mazda dealers, nationwide, honor Mazda Extended Confidence(M.E.C.). Manufacturer-Backed!!! Actually...the MEC contract is linked to your car's VIN#. MEC is entered into Mazda's internal system in such a way that merely accessing your VIN will tell a Mazda technician which plan is tied to your Mazda. Once your VIN# is "in" the system Mazda dealers across the country can validate your MEC contract. (therefore MEC is honored nationwide)

 96% of Warranty Buyers choose the 0% Payment Plan. Mazda is proud to offer 24 payments at 0% interest. You can chose to this option(or otherwise) at checkout.

 All M.E.C. plans covers more years+miles than your original warranty. Due to a teired pricing structure, the earlier you buy this Mazda extended warranty the lower the cost. In addition, the early-MEC purchasers have more plans(longer plans) available to them.

  A big advantage is present due to Direct Payment >>> No need for you to pay hundreds of dollars and then ...wait for reimbursement. Manufacturer-backed(Mazda-backed) M.E.C. pays the dealer for the repair.

   Makes alot of sense to get a Mazda-backed Extended Warranty. Mazda wants you to buy a Mazda again!! Therefore Mazda wants you to *enjoy* the "Mazda ownership experience"!! How's that for motivation?

  The Mazda Extended Confidence Warranty becomes active after two events occur. First, your completed+signed paperwork is received by our dealership. Second, it is processed by Mazda, which typically takes 2 business days after we receive the signed paperwork.

   All MEC repairs are made by Mazda-trained technicians at Mazda dealerships using OEM Mazda Parts. Your car will get the best care !!!

   Is Mazda MEC transferable?    Yes. (the charge is state-controlled but averages $75)

   Can I cancel the contract and receive a refund?     Yes. (100% refundable within 30 days, if not used, and refundable after 30 days but the amount is subject to proration table)

MEC(Mazda Extended Confidence) Extended Warranty is Official !!
We process MEC apps for ALL states. Looking for a MEC Warranty in Florida? You're at the right place!!
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